About me

I am a pragmatic graphic designer with experience in print, displays, video, presentations, and web and my skill level coincides with that order. My work is clean and elegant, simple yet effective, with focus on the end user.

apple_mac_se30I’m what you might call a “well-seasoned” designer — I started on boards with wax, X-acto knives (and a stash of band-aids), T-squares, and grid papers. In 1988, I moved into the digital world of graphic design with one of the original desktop computers: an Apple SE30. It was a cute little bugger with a 20 MB hard drive and I was smitten.

Throughout my career I have developed many specialized software skills — especially in Adobe Creative Suite products. I’ve worked in Photoshop and Illustrator for a decade and have produced hundreds of files with InDesign (with many years of Quark preceding that). Although it’s not my biggest strength, I am comfortable working with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint creating files with animation, customized templates and more.

If you’re looking for a visual solution in print or digital formats — I can help.

I hope you’ll connect with me if I can assist you.

Donna Wilson McClure  •  dwmccluredesign@icloud.com

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