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A pragmatic graphic designer. Knoxville, TN. Two kids, two cats, one husband.

Not Saul Bass.

west side storyOr Milton Glaser. Or even that super talented college student you know.

I’m a pragmatic graphic designer who understands that pleasing the client keeps everyone happy.

I’m a veteran of years of print and branding work in business to business, business to consumer, corporate in-house agencies and freelance design. If it’s a visual solution you seek, I can help. I can art direct a photo shoot, build a layout, design a logo, meet a deadline and manage the deliverables.

“If you think it’s frustrating, it will be. If you think, no problem, it’s not.”
Milton Glaser

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A few work samples

Font snob.

TypesnobGraphic design is so subjective. Sometimes designers can appear a bit on the snobbish side.  It’s usually not on purpose — it’s just a matter of differing opinions. But what a client visualizes and what I design can and should be two converging visions. But that’s where we’ll meet when we work together  — somewhere in the middle.